At The Office Quickie

Stuck At The Office

So the office job is keeping you from getting in your daily workout. That’s okay! Listen, I know we all have to make a living, supporting our families and to support ourselves. All I ask, is don’t neglect yourself to a healthier lifestyle! Changes can happen in small doses, as long as your determined to!

I put together a quick at the office workout routine. Let’s have some fun and don’t worry about your co-workers. How about you set the new trend in the office!

At The Office Workout- 4 Rounds

Office Moves:

  • 10 Incline Chair Push Ups
  • 15 Chair Squats
  • 20 Chair Flutter Kicks
  • 20 Chair Step Ups

What You’ll Need:

  • Office Chair


*Don’t be afraid to do something outside your comfort zone. Let’s have some fun with this and let me know how you did or what your office co-workers thought…lol

Put In The Work!


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This post was written by Drew Preiss

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