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Here is what is happening:

If you saw Jess’s recent blog, you will know that we are retiring the HIIT FUSION online gym and each of us are starting our own online gyms. We have absolutely no hard feelings toward each other, but we doubt that we are going to have time to meet up to film videos consistently enough to maintain an online gym as partners. So we will each be running our own online gyms.

Jess will be starting the Glisten Online Gym and it will be housed where HIIT FUSION is currently housed (on her website)which you can find here.. I will be starting the Ignite Fitness Online Gym and it will be housed on my website,

  • HIIT FUSION will remain the same until January 16th. Nothing will change as far as the workouts/schedules are posted from now until then. Your login will stay the same.
  • January 17th starts the first day of the two gyms being separate (so the Glisten Online Gym housed on her website and the Ignite Fitness Online Gym housed on my website).
  • We filmed the last 4 workouts that we will be filming together on January 6th so we will be using those 4 workouts in each of our separate gyms, meaning that the new workouts posted in each gym will be the same until February 13th. Starting the week of February 14th, each online gym will be posting its own unique workouts.

About the Ignite Fitness Online Gym:

  • My Online Gym will have 1 new workout video per week with a workout schedule set for you.
  • My style of training will change for each workouts.
  • For the 1st type of programming for the Online Gym, I will design group style programming that you can do at home or at the gym.
  • For the 2nd type of programming for the Online Gym, It will be designed into a workout video that you and I will do together like we did in the HIIT FUSION Online Gym.
  • Pricing will be set into a monthly subscription at $10 a month. You will be able to cancel when ever you want with no cancellation fees.

I will have more updates about Ignite Fitness Online Gym as I get things moving so that we can Put In The Work Together!!

I’m sure you will have plenty of other questions to ask and I hope you do. Jess and I have had a great time doing what we love to do and that is to give y’all a great experience working out with us!   (: If you have ANY questions or concerns feel free to email us those, too! Again our email address is hiitfusion[at]gmail[dot]com.


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