Living the “Fitness Lifestyle”


Hey guys! Well I’m going to let you know, this is my very first blog post. Never thought I’d be this nervous to write one. Let me me explain what living a “fitness lifestyle” means to me. Now for most people a “Fitness Lifestyle” means you eat, sleep, train, and live your life to fitness. That’s phenomenal… honestly! Now I did say, what does a “Fitness Lifestyle” mean to me… Well here we go….

Living this lifestyle can and is great but you need to ask yourself what is going to make you happy? Now, I don’t live my life to have six pack abs, I have two top ones and I am okay with that. 😉 I’m not into total body cleanses every month, nor am I into body building. Not that any of this is bad, it’s just not how I live my “Fitness Lifestyle.”

I have a wonderful fiancé that I get to have fun with and live this “Fitness Lifestyle” with. We’re always active, we do love to workout, we do enjoy eating clean and healthy, but we also enjoy going out and having those great gourmet burgers and savory cheeses. We occasionally like to stay up late sipping on wine, whisky or even beer with some great friends and family.

So based on what makes me happy, I workout hard to challenge myself and strive to give 110% effort every time. With that hard work, I do treat myself to one or two cheat meals every so often and I’m okay with that. I set myself goals to achieve and I’m driven by my happiness.

So I ask myself…am I happy? Yes I am, very much so. I’m healthy, strong, active and I enjoy my life. That is what Living the “Fitness Lifestyle” means to me.


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This post was written by Drew Preiss

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