Quick Weekend Burn

Quick Weekend Burn

Hey Everyone!! Hope you all have had a pretty good week so far! After coming back from New Jersey and New York… I won’t lie, it’s been tough getting back into training hard. But I set myself up with some 2 week goals and now it’s time to get back on track! So I designed a quick workout for y’all to all try out if your having a tough time like I did. ¬†Adjust the weight if needed and hope you all enjoy!! Let’s have some fun and Put In The Work!!

Workout 4 Rounds:

What You’ll Need:

  • Resistance Ankle Band
  • Medicine Ball
  • Resistance Band¬†

Workout Movements

  • 20/20 Lateral Band Walks with MB
  • 20 Resistance Band Rows
  • 20/20 Reverse Lunge to Plyo High Knee
  • 20 Resistance Band Squats

*We all can’t be perfect everyday, so keep your head up and continue to strive hard to reach your goals! Have fun with your workouts and Put In The Work!!


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This post was written by Drew Preiss

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